About Cluj Translations

     The translators in our team offer you sworn translation services, translations and interpretations from / into English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Hungarian and other languages, on your request. Our services are delivered by sworn translators who are familiar with specialty texts, personal documents, contracts, portfolios translations etc.
     The extended European space we also belong to, opened for citizens, institutions and companies the opportunity to actively be involved in the European life, cooperation at institutions level, services, goods and workforce exchange. In this respect communication is a vital aspect in making decisions, entering into contracts, negotiations and networking in general. We, the translators are those who facilitate communication between natural and legal persons home and abroad.
     At institutional level we ensure sworn translations and interpretations for Courts, police stations, court officers and other prosecution offices, barristers and notary public offices and other requesting institutions.
     We also ensure translations and interpretations for natural persons and Romanian and foreign companies in their matters of interest.

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CV Team Coordinator - Rauca Sorina