Useful Info

Info about how to order, pay, etc.
How can I order a translation?
You can order translations by using our ORDER FORM or the office E-MAIL. We are at disposal for details at the telephone number mentioned in CONTACT section .

If you want to personally submit the documents to be translated our address is provided in CONTACT section.

How much is a sworn translation?
The translations are estimated depending on the document / text:

  • the fee for standardised documents are per document;
  • the more complex text are estimated per page – a standard translation page has 300 words.
How much is a sworn notarised translation?
Here we have two fees applied, namely, the one for the sworn translation and the fee for notary public certifying the sworn translator’s signature on that translation.
How can I pay?
The payments may be made in cash or by wire transfer on your order basis and the payment instruments issued by us.
How can be the translations delivered?
The translations can be delivered in person, by ordinary mail or courier or as commonly agreed with the customer.
What is APOSTILLE according to Hague Convention?
The Apostille is a certification issued by the competent authorities on the territory of Hague Convention signatory State. This Apostille is enclosed to a document which shall be submitted on the territory of another State part of Convention. The Apostille is an identification of the original document, of the notarized translation or of the certified copy for which it is issued.
Can you translate also from / into other languages than those mentioned on the site?
Yes, we can.
I have a question which is not listed here.
If you did not find the question of your interest among the above mentioned one, please feel free to submit it by means of the CONTACT Form at your disposal.